Obama & Co.

Dems - “Well we’ve finally got the power”
“Hey, where is all the money?”
“This is awkward”

“Awkward? We’re the Government!”

:laugh: Yea awkward. Again, mind sets like Bill Gates who want to move Co's to a foreign country for cheaper labor. When people here need better paying jobs. How much would the move cost him for christs sakes? Talk about stereotypes! I guess if someone like Gates raised the pay scale that would be unthinkable in his circles?

The auto industry wanting more billions in bailout money. While for decades they SPAMED the economy with over priced bs. Instead of developing something that would help the consumer and the environment. Nothing but a bunch of blood sucking money grabbing idiots. IMO
And then all the money we've put into wars. If it weren't so dangerous for our troops we could rent out the army and make a big bunch. You would think country s like Iraq and Kuwait would be thankful and help us out a little. Sheesh!

And then we have someone like Flavio. Gives a cool program that is priced right! Again my hat's off to you Flavio, if your listening.

You know? I don't even want to hear the rediculas phrase; "trickel down". The only thing I know that trickles down is pee pee. Could it be that the Republican party pee peed on our economy?

Obama has a challenge, but it's obvious, he's a good man!