Direct Sound, Recording VST add ons

I’ve been using NTrack for sometime now and I have always imported .wav files recorded with my Micro BR, but I have programming Addictive Drums and IZOPE drum machines and thought it would be easy to hit record and thats it. However its not, I have not figured out how to record sound playing on my pc to a track or how to capture VST instruments recordings. I’m sure its something dumb.

I have the latest version of Ntrack and my sound card is a just the generic card that came with my Intel Motherbaord I purchased last year.

Thanks Kevin

there is a setting somewhere to “record what you hear” as a source,

it has been many years since I used it, so can’t remember where it is.

hang in there, someone might come along that remembers. ???

This pops-up all over the place - when you get bored with the button hunt, use jumper cables.

Tony it really isn’t all that hard to find in V5.

I think things changed by 6 or 7 tho and those options are elsewhere.

I don’t have either installed so I can’t go look for them. :)

Yes, J’. You’re not wrong -it’s down to s/w, foldback config’s. I jumped into n-T at v6 and with the builds where it looked possible to loop back through the inter/sc, I found it doesn’t work - not on my humble setup, anyways. Pre-bouncing/mixdowning from midi to wav being the regrettable workaround. 2 soundcards have helped in some situations regarding recording and arming tracks whilst monitoring the midi instrument channels. I’m sure I remember a simple route to this in win98se and Audacity.

what about the render midi tracks to wav. option I think started in v6?

it’s not quite the same as “recording what you hear” in real time…but will it work in mixdown for plugs?

here is the thing, the only detriment I can see for mixing down midi vsts to wav is you may want to move knobs in real time for parameters like pitch,volume,amplitude etc. while recording with either the mouse or an external hardware device.

there is tho a way to capture these “sweeps” in midi data and then have them effect the VST sound during mixdown with the same timing provided you have all your i dotted and t’s crossed.

but I digress… :laugh:

another reason why I use cables :laugh:

He could try Jack Audio

Jack Capture will record whatever is coming out the speakers to a file. :agree:

Appreciate all the replies, seems kind of silly to have VST drums and not be able to capture each drum piece for mix down. Heres what I did, I downloaded Audacity and created my drum tracks from addictive. Its a complete pain…

Thanks again all, I loading up my new tune tomorrow after mix down…

Quote: (taylordude @ Aug. 28 2013, 4:10 PM)

Appreciate all the replies, seems kind of silly to have VST drums and not be able to capture each drum piece for mix down.

yes, you can mixdown VST's to a wav. file.

I thought you where trying to do it in real time and make sweeps, volume changes etc as it was mixing down. ???