DirectX Problem

Hey All,

Just downloaded and installed v6, opened a song file, and keep getting an error message, “Failed reconnecting DirectX plug-in Pins”. The DirectX effects are showing up in the drop-down menu, but when I go to “Settings”, even the n-Track plugs are missing.

While I’m at it, might as well mention another problem I’ve had for a for a few months. If I try to use the external wave editor option, the program opens, but will not play unless I shut down n-Track first. Since it didn’t used to be that way, I’m assuming it’s some setting I’ve changed on my computer, but haven’t been able to figure out what it is.

Whatever help you can give me with either of these problems will be greatly appreciated.

The second problem is probavly related to “Keep audio devices open” or “Allow other programs to access audio devices”. If n-Tracks is running and it has the devices open then another app that needs to open them can’t. Those options are under the audio devices advanced settings.

Thanks Phoo. I tried unchecking the boxes you suggested, but that didn’t seem to help. What I did figure out though is that it’s ASIO related. Changing to MME allowed the wave editor to do it’s thing.

On the DirectX problem, I wonder if my hard drive being nearly full could be the culprit. I’m moving/deleting files to get it down enough to try again and see.