disable plugin from loading with sng?


I have a plugin which worked fine in a really old version of n-Track (2.0.2) that refuses to work in 4.0.5. The problem is the plugin as it was, was a poorly coded plugin. Everything else with 4.0.5 works fine for me. The problem is that I cannot open any .SNG file that has a reference to that plugin in 4.0.5 as it will either crash the program (typical) or will give me crazy “Error loading into memory file” errors.

So, my question is: How can I tell n-Track not to try loading a plugin referenced in a .sng file, so I can at least open the project? Anybody know?


My best guess, uninstall the plugin. This should give you a plugin not found error but still load the song. Then, remove the plug in’s references from the song and resave.

Bubbagump’s suggestion has worked for me. I used MaxX on a lot of suff in earlier versions and it is not coded for the new versions of Ntrack. I finally got the old sng file to load by just removing the plugin from the computer. You get an error message that the plugin can’t be found, but the rest loads.