Disappearing toolbars

Disappearing toolbars

My waveform zoom icons toolbar has disappeared. Don’t know where it went, or why it went away. Wish someone could tell me how to get those icons back.

And my transport toolbar disappears. I have to call up ‘toolbars’ twice to get it to give me a ‘show’ option instead of ‘hide’. I select ‘show’ and the transport toolbar appears and operates. But when I click on the track to do anything, the toolbar vanishes, and I have to go through it all again - just to have it disappear again under the same circumstances.

Wonder if anyone can shed some light on what’s going on? If
so, I would be grateful.

I'm guessing you are using version 9 although version 8 is similar: The icons are not displayed in the default. At the right hand end of the main tool bar click on the icon (3 dots) and you can add or remove icons, Then a second list will allow you to sort them into one of 3 different groups.
The trasport toolbar, I cant help with. I have a similar issue. You probably have it undocked and it is getting moved behind other screen display items. It needs a “ always on top setting”

Thanks. But I’m working with ancient ones: the mac I’m using can only support 2.2.2; I can’t move to a newer version until I update the 'puter. Anyway, I got no 3 dots on the right with old 2-2-twain. I got sideways sgt. stripes, and, among other things, that gives me a menu to zoom in or out on the waveform axises - as is offered elsewhere. Still can’t find that zoom icon toolbar. On this version on this mac, they were yellow icons, just slightly right of top center. They had always been there.

Similarly, regarding the transport toolbar, it was ALWAYS there - from the very first time I fired up n-. I never had to call it up or look for it, or assign priority. Then recently, it disappeared; I had not changed anything or done anything different…

I did a re-install, hoping it would bring these things back, but there was no change.

I appreciate the response.

You put me on to it, bax3. Instead of 3 dots, on this older version the transport tool bar toggles on and off by a pill-shaped icon, extreme upper right. (I seen fly specks bigger.) Thanks.

Still looking for those zoom icons.