Disappearing Waveforms

Hey all

On some tracks, when I open the file, the waveform has collapsed down to almost nothing. The information is still there, but I have to expand it to see and hear it. How can I get them to open up automatically?



when you say “open the file” do you mean in N-track or in another editor? have you tried deleting the npk files? that’ll rebuild them next time you open them.


I mean in N-track. I tried deleting the npk files but it doesnt work. Is there an ‘Expand all wave files’ option anywhere in N-track?


Hi pawna:
I’ve had some issues with v4.2.0 in “Bata” and now with build 2088…

When I launch n-Track I’ll get a “Blank” time-line desk… To get the wave files to appear I just have to mouse-click on “View all song” or “Zoom Selection” icons, on the task-bar and they return. I wrote to Flavio regarding this issue but I am at a loss as to give him any “exact details” yet. I’m working on trying to come up with a repeatable sequence-of-events that he can try on his end. At least for now, that’s all I need to do to get the wave files to appear… It’s quite intermittent, but IT can throw you for a “Loop” when IT happens. I thought IT was in the Graphics card but, now I seem to think IT’s somewhere in the “CODEING” of the “SEVEN ICONS” that control the view-planes on the Time-line “DESK”… However, if Flavio can’t repeat the issue , how can he “Fix” IT…

Keep work’in at it… You’ll find the work-around for IT on your set-up…


If I have the grid properties for the timeline window set to ‘Snap beat’, I have a similar problem with my display. Changing to ‘Snap Measure’ or any other setting clears up the problem.

I have the same problems a few versions back. In fact there is a few post that mentioned this issue. It is agravating some times having to expand the tracks. I have no cluse as to what causes it.
For me it only occured on a few songs and was always just a few tracks. If I was to guess I would say it has something to do with the software on the system (I could be wrong). The reason I say this is because if I have a clean reformat Ntrack is fine until I start loading up other programs. Most of the other programs I use are graphical software:adobe illustrator/photoshop, stardocks software, and a few utility programs. But this still does not explain how randomly songs are effected.

When you talk about “collapsed down” do you mean the tracks look the same as when minimised?

Thanks for the replies guys

Mark A: I mean the wave forms are on screen, but you know the little blue circles on the ends of the wave forms themselves? Its like they have been moved up against each other so I have to zoom right in, and then manually expand the track…

woxnerw: Tried your suggestion, no joy. Im not using any other programs, so its not that. Anyway, the information is there, so I cant really complain, but it can be irritating to have to go and open them up manually…

If I figure it out Ill post it up…



Build 2089 fixed the problem on my system. Thanks again Flavio.

I am now experiencing what woxnerw had. No waveforms whatsoever. There for a while I was able to get them back with “View All Song” then “Zoom Selection.” But in the last day or so even that hasn’t works for one of my pieces.

Any additional suggestions.

Does changing the grid setting to ‘Snap Measure’ have any effect?