be warned, this story discusses an incredibly gruesome act (at least in my opinion)…


You were right.


There are wierd, sicko’s everywhere. However, I don’t trust stuff from WorldDailyNet because it’s an ultra-right news rag.

Quote (Mr Soul @ June 16 2005,11:31)
However, I don't trust stuff from WorldDailyNet because it's an ultra-right news rag.

Don't trust anything that leans too far in either direction, but they can be a good source for furthur investigation.

I think this is probably a more credible source:


for those interested in john’s link, use bugmenot.com to get around the registration… or use this (from bugmenot):

username: texmex1970@hotmail.com
password: iam4ksu


Quote (idover @ June 17 2005,11:06)

That's funny... I found the link in Google, and when I went to it from there, it did not require registration. However, if you click on it from here, you have to register...

Try the going in from the Google page instead...

most likely, they are monitoring an http header that tells from where the visitor comes… it makes more sense that they allow “free passes” from google because of the visibility within google… otherwise, if someone sees that it requires registration, he would most likely simple click back to the google results and just move to the next link…

i develop web apps, and we do these types of things…