display issue

problem with ntrack screen

okay Im running a pentium 3, the music functions are great it works perfectly. but the main screen where all the buttons are is garbled the icons are garbled if i drop my moniter settings down to 16 bit it they come in and you can see what the are but it looks like crap…ive tested my sound to 6 tracks with multi effects to each track and my cpu runs at about 22% to 27 depending on which ones stacked usually 2-3 a track and have great sound the display is my only problem any one with help or idea whats wrong please help. I have re-installed 2 times like I say only thing that seems to work is dropping my display settings…help thanks Peter

This is usually a video driver issue. n-Tracks can bring out the worst in a card sometimes. What’s you video card? My previous laptop would really mangle the buttons (pink backgrounds - real purdy - or be totally black sometimes) until I updated the drivers.

thanx changed vid card to ati radeon no probs now and life is good…