Distorted Recordings

Distorted Recordings

We are using n-Track for live muisic recording at Sunday church services. We have a 24 channel Mackie mixer and are doing simple stereo recording. We ran the software in “eval” mode for several weeks and got great recordings. Then since we entered the registration codes the recordings are very distorted. We have tried everything we can think of, but we can’t clear it up. We do not have an Internet connection at the church. Does the software need this to run correctly or to finish the registration process?

The registration process isn’t able to introduce the kind of distortion you are describing by itself. However, Since you now have the possibility to run several effects through the send/return buss (due to the unlocking by registering the software), this may be a cause. n-Track does not require an internet connection to function.

I suggest you go through all your connected equipment again, following the signal chain from the input sources to the output into the soundcard’s input. Eventually you will discover the fault yourselves and be able to correct it, learning useful things about your equipment in the process. Don’t give up.

regards, Nils

OK - we chased through the wiring and changed the outputs. We were tapping into the tape-out from the Mackie and now we are running the tape-out to our Pioneer tape deck and running the tape-return feed from the deck to the soundcard’s line-in.

The tape deck records perfectly (like always) and n-tracks still records totally distorted. When we are recording we have played with the levels to make sure there is no clipping. Any other ideas?

Sounds like the problem lies in the patch from the deck to soundcard. How many Sub outs are you using? Try using a stereo sub outs off the mackie to the soundcard, leaving the deck patched to the tape outs.


check your soundcard’s input meters. you may be clipping the inputs with too hot a signal coming in. the tape deck is going to affect the level when you adjust the record level on the deck. i’d go with yaz’s suggestion there.

you didn’t mention whether or not you registered the 24 bit version. but check your bit depth (16 or 24), and sample rate to make sure your sound card is set correctly.



dcline97, check the input again. the output from the Mackie may be going into the mic input on the soundcard (btw, could you specify the brand and make of soundcard you have?). Check the soundcard’s settings in n-Track, too. Try feeding a tape recording from the tape output into the same input on the soundcard of the pc. Does it distort? Try making a recording using another application on the pc if you have it available. Does it sound OK? Some mixers (including my ALTO S-8) don’t like using the tape out and the tape in monitor at the same time. Check with the Mackie manual to verify if this is the case. Eventually, you will get the problem solved. It did sound right before, after all…

regards, Nils