Distortion using ntrack reverb

Cant find an obvious culprit

Hi everyone,

Using a 2.8Ghz 1GB machine with echo mia card using version 4.1.5. I’m getting some distortion when using the n reverb plugin, even though I’m not seeing any clipping in the aux channel, the main channel, or the individual track. Everyone is down around -15 to -10dB.

It just sounds like a scratchy, clipping sound. I’ve recorded 3 albums using version 3 and never had this before.

Anyone else have this kind of problem? I’ve tried support, but for some reason, they haven’t gotten back to me.

Thanks in advance for any guidance…


I’m still using V3, but this sounds pretty strange. I’d think if it was common for V4, we’d have heard about it.

First, try just re-installing n-Track. Not that I have any reason for saying that, but sometimes it helps when I wouldn’t have guessed, and it’s not that big a hassle.

If the problem persists, see if you can record a short segment that shows what you’re hearing, with both “with reverb” and “without reverb” portions. Maybe hearing it will give someone a clue.

Try to leave as much out of the mix as possible and still show the problem. Mute successive tracks and see if maybe the problem is related to a particular track. Mixdown to 32-bit float format and post it, and give us time to load our DAWs and listen to it. (You might also post a 16-bit mix, peaking at -3dB or higher, for folks to listen to who don’t have their DAWs handy.)

Flavio may be on vacation, or he might be considering the problem. It’s not an obvious one, IMHO. Give folks some time to ponder. Also, post your build number (from n-Track help->about).

Thanks Jeff,

Re-installed latest and I’m all set… Might have been some sampling issues 44 vs 48 as well. Currently, no problems…

Thanks again man.

What’s your CPU running at? I found n4.x very CPU intensive and your symtoms are exactly what happens when the CPU gets maxed out.

Well, it was saying that it wasn’t being taxed. around 15-20% in n, but I didn’t actually task manager it while running, so I can’t confirm that that was accurate. Now that I’ve upgraded, I dont have that info anymore.

You’re right though, I definitely agree that could have been the problem…

Also, am I crazy or did the new version of n drop back a version in the MSFT .NET stuff? When I re-installed the newest, it put 1.1 back on, didn’t it use a beta version of .net 2?

Maybe I’m making that up, can’t keep track anymore!

Thanks for help!

.NET 2 is out of Beta. Flavio probably needs to update the “BIG” installer…

I have heard a few weird reports of strangeness going on with V1 and V2 BOTH installed, so as soon as V2 came out of Beta, I switched.