.dll files

can’t register in windows xp

when i wanted to install the equalizer and compressor plugins the install program failed to register the plugins in windows xp so i can’t use them. first it couldn’t find the MSVCP70.dll and MSVCR70.dll files. so i downloaded them from the internet and installed them in the system and system32 folders. after that the install program couldn’t find the _iob_func entry point of the MSVCP70.dll file.
what should i do?

Make sure they are in system32 only and that you have version 7.0.9466.0 or higher. Sounds like you downloaded a older versions. Those dlls should be installed by Windows, but don’t know that 100%. A reinstall of Windows might fix the problem. They are the C runtime dlls, which MANY applications require. These are older (up to 71) but they are kept in Windows for backwards compatibility.