DLL install problem

I think this is a result of my installing the old n ver 133 but not sure.

WOW! That looks like No fun. Can you roll back Windows with a system restore?

It’s fine so far - I just clicked OK and the latest build installed - I have not yet tried the plugins yet - I’m lost in Arkansas.

How do you get lost in Arkansas? I heard they only had one road. :laugh:

Just kidding! :love:

someone pretending to be Bax

You guys…

That’s like gettin lost in Ecum Secum
The Corner Store couldn’t be found… to get directions from the sweety that works there…

There ain’t any corner…

I heard she can make good sweet tea…


Lost in Arkansas?
Just hang a right where Mrs. Johnson’s cow was hit by a tractor,
go 10 miles take a left into the Exxon station,
go up to the manager and say, “Where the heck am I”

I’ll never forget hearing my first “Arky” accent as a child. My sister had married and moved away to Rogers Arkansas, and the younger family (I’m seven of ten) went to see her one summer. We met her at the ‘corner store’ and I hear her yell at daddy “Y’all wait here I gotta buy some ice.” Except for one small thing it was normal. Her ‘ice’ sounded more like ‘ass’. I heard dad whisper to mom “Looks to me like she don’t need no more ‘a-iss’…” It gave me hours of quiet thought about why my sister was a totally different person because of Arkansas. She never did answer my “Why do you talk so funny?” question.
The Arkansas I was lost in.