do I need a better vid card?

Hey all;

When I’m running nTrack (esp with lots of tracks and plugs) it takes the screen a good few seconds to redraw when I open up a plug in or move the mixer around. Is that a video card issue? Right now I’m running a dual core AMD system with a 128M video card. I was under the understanding that getting a smoking fast video card was not necessary for DAW work, and may even be detrimental, but I’d like to get this video issue resolved.


How much RAM memory? Are you running just n_Track or do you have other software ( anti-virus, ect.)
Are the drivers for the video up-to-date? Shared video can cause the problems you describe, are you on a laptop by any chance?

Sorry, shouldve given a few more details.

Windows 2K
768M RAM
anti virus is on but makes no difference
I think the dirvers are up to date
and this is on a desktop


a 128M video card

Which one? How much hard drive space is left? Is this a change or just something you are looking into finally? I’m willing to bet it’s not the video card, unless it’s old VGA (and 128 megs says it not old VGA), but something else struggling a little causing a bottleneck in the system. Don’t know what but that’s what we’re trying to figure out.

If you check my system specs at the bottom you’ll see I have a fast system, even with this setup I have redraw issues, the same as you. I would not worry unless it starts to cause skipping in playback or recording. In the mean time you can disable a lot of it so it draws quick. Personally I disable all of it as long as I can see the wave form thats good enough for me, I don’t need shadows ect…, but thats just me.


Intel i7-920@4ghz
2xGTX 275 in SLI
6 GIG DDR3/2000 ram
WinXP Pro
Audigy 4 Pro

My machine that I’ve had for several years now has an old Matrox G450 dual-head video interface with a paltry 64 Meg of RAM. I never had problems with slow redraws. Like Paco though, I turn off all the shadow box, outline, gradient fill goofy looking, resource eatin’ stuff. shrug


PS The n-Track built-in spectrum display used to be a monster resource hog when it was open. This may have changed now though. I haven’t ran n seriously since V5.

Hey guys. Thanks for the replies.

Here’s some more info:


Which one?

Sapphire Radeon 9200


How much hard drive space is left?

900 gig (that’s not a misprint)


Is this a change or just something you are looking into finally?

Something I’m finally looking into.


Sapphire Radeon 9200

That's an AGP card. Did it come with it own drivers (GART - etc.)?
Make sure you have latest drivers, and check your BIOS AGP settings (aperture and memory allocation) - make sure it's set to 128M

What soundcard? Check IRQ table to make sure the video and audio card aren’t sharing the same IRQ number.

I’m using an M-Audio Delta 1010. It’s on a different IRQ than the video card.