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Death by Guitar

Heres our new song which were quite pleased with & we seem to be coping ok with alli our singer now living 80 miles away
but our monitors are not working proprly
so we had to mix it on headphones & im not sure about the stereo balance, what do you think?…98.html

can anyone recomend some good monitors my brother said to look at these rockit monitors but when we saw the price
£300 we had no hope of buying them!


Well at the moment I’m listening on headphones so…

Ok, I’m loving this. The whole vibe and everything. Lyrics are fantastic. I’m laughing out loud. The dog thinks I’ve gone mad. Mix sounds.

“500 mils of electric guitar”.

Nice bass sound.

Seriously, if you want monitors without having to spend
£ go and find a set of old 70’s hifi speakers. Most people can’t even give them away because they look so dated. But this was before hifi manufacturers started hyping their speakers to make them sound “better” in the shop and generally they are pretty good for the next level up of monitoring. You will need to find an old hifi amp to drive them.

There are quite a few entry level monitors out there and everybody has their opinion and preference. I had some Samson Resolv speakers a few years back. They were pretty reasonable. Mine were the passive ones, not the active ones. I then found a set of Soundcraft monitors (the same people who make the pro mixers etc). They were sub
£100 and are miles better than the Samson ones. Keep a look out on ebay they come up every now and then and because they’re not one of the mainstream monitor makes I think they get over looked. Again you need an amp but an old hifi amp will do as a starting point.



Woah! Tina, that is a belter. Beautifully crafted and a great fun arrangement and mix.
Last year I trated myself to a pair of M Audio BX 5a’s.
£170 at the time. They’re active, boasting matched amps, so need for another amp. I hated them - everything I used them on sounded boxy on other equipment, inc’ the car. Sold three months later for under
Correct me if I’m wrong, gang, but, at domestic level, I’ve become more and more convinced that it wise to listen and monitor on an assortment of sources (as the public does) If it sounds good on cheap pc speakers, then it’ll sound good on cheap pc speakers.
I’m back on my Warfdale Diamond IV’s.

Main problem with cheap speakers and headphones is low end you can’t hear. I have so much trouble with low end.

I know you don’t want just compliments, but I liked this song, and the 500 volts of electric guitar. Good tone. :)

Quote: (TonyR @ Jan. 21 2011, 8:50 AM)

Correct me if I'm wrong, gang, but, at domestic level, I've become more and more convinced that it wise to listen and monitor on an assortment of sources (as the public does) If it sounds good on cheap pc speakers, then it'll sound good on cheap pc speakers.
I'm back on my Warfdale Diamond IV's.

You're not wrong, it is vital to check your mix on various different systems, BUT with better speakers you are able to get there quicker. Especially once you understand your speakers..

One Tom says about bottom end is right... but I'd like to suggest that this is true of all frequencies. many hifi speakers nowadays are hyped to sound good. So probably have some sparkle and wump added to them. PC speakers are probably the worst. Bad for mixing.

Sure you can compensate - either with your ears or with EQ (whole subject there...). But what you can't compensate for is frequencies that your monitors miss. Ones that they don't reproduce properly.

I think there is a lot of hype (the traditional sort) in the monitor market. I really do think you can get buy on good hifi speakers... and most older (eg 70's) are good because they hadn't got into hyping the frequencies. I had a lovely set of Goodmans that my Dad bought in the 70's. I mixed on them for ages then bought into the "must have monitors" thing. Wish I had those speakers back. I think I junked them.

Anyway, those Warfedales looks great so keep going.

Ok, Nurse Tina…listening on my Soundcraft Absolute 2 monitors via my Samson Servo 170 amp, through my Soundcraft 20 channel mixer.


Bottom end is too light and the top end is a little bit fizzy. Vox sound a shade loud.
It’s almost there.
It’s in the right ball park for a late 70’s Ramones/Uk Punk type thing. It might be that the kick is the wrong sound.
That might give it some… err… kick in the the bottom end.

Still love the song.

Great fun :laugh:
I like the way vox & guitars have dedicated sounds for different parts of the song but I struggle to make out the lyrics during the verses.

best help other than true reference monitors is switching to Mono from time to time also.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 20 2011, 4:03 PM)

best help other than true reference monitors is switching to Mono from time to time also.

Yep. Mono throws a spanner in - reveals all.

in fact

Tina! D’you ever find yourself checkin’ what it sounds like through the walls and floors of your house - like - it’s playing, loudly, in the kitchen, and your in the room above, etc? I do:-)

Nice tune T.
I too think vox are too loud. Rest of mix sounds cool to me. What are you using for drums?

Why would mono reveal problems? (Not that I don’t believe you guys, just never heard that before.)

im really happy you like it it means a lot to me
i know its a bit pathetic but i realy need people to constantly tell me im not crap

anyway we love those 60s novelty dances…the frug the monkey the hitch hike & thouht it would be fun to make up a song about a make belief one… so thats what its about!!

teryeah… its funny you said about the guitars having diffrent sounds for diffrent parts of the song … that is something i have nearly always done & i dont even think about it now i guess its almost a trademark of our recordings like tom & his jangly rickenbacker thing

mark… the kick sound we use is always the same we have a lot of proper sampled ones but always plump for one that hasnt even got a name its just an electronic thump it just seems to hold the beat down better… maybe we should look at the others again

't’would seam, that, acoustics, isn’t quite an exact science. Stereo is very specific to the almost lab conditions of the perfect triangle.

im real amazed you can use old hifi speakers for monitors i thouht they would be useless & that monitor speakers were made specially for this
our ones are nearfield or something like that i thouht they were special so you could be close to them as we are in a small box room
funny thing is ive had a pair of old hifi speakers in my lounge for over 14 years that my hubbie just uses as stands just to get his real hifi speakers of the floor & the amp for them is taking up valuable space in the box room cos he wont throw it away
ill see if i can get him to wire it up for me

tony like you i also
always play our recordings on every thing i can find & stand in another room & it is so time consuming having to keeep coming back to the pc & altering the mix & burning yet a nother cd… its why i wish we had decent monitors & could cut down on all that.

craig the drums are an old boss dr rhytyhm though this week weve got a better one from ebay

thanks for all the feedback guys

You’re not crap.


Tina!!! If I had one tenth of your guitar talents, I wouldn’t be askin’ you to do me a little solo job :;):

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You're not crap.


i said constantly UJ... get busy!!
Quote: (Unblown_Jonson @ Jan. 21 2011, 12:58 PM)

You're not crap.


Doh, beat me too it.

You're not crap.

What Boss drum machines have you got. I've had several over the years. Stil have a DR880 which is really nice.