Do you like Pina Coladas?

with your MUM?!!

Be very thankful blindfolds weren’t involved.


Who’s yo mama now?

Yeah, what Rich said…

Wonder what the conversation at their family xmas get together will be like…


“The truth is, I got to see a side of my mom I’d never seen before. I’m grateful for that.”

“Dad was ticked for a while and he forbid Mom to talk to anybody on the Internet ever again,” said embarrassed Daniel.

Odd reactions…

edit: you know, when I first read this, I thought I saw an “l” in “ticked”…“tickled” as it were…

I think I’d be poking my eyes out with chopsticks, and taking a warm bath with a razor…

All I can say is YUCK! Maybe YUCK! YUCK!


It could have been worse…

After all, it might have been his father who turned up for the date! :D

Momma’s boy… Talk about Oedipus complex. At least they didn’t meet in the dark for anonymous groping… even worse… At least he knows his mom is a liar… sending phoney pictures like that. Naughty. ANy who, where’s my barf bag?

Ohhh…I don’t know. I think it’s sweet. The son just wants to keep his mama happy, and when mama is happy everybody is happy. What’s wrong with that? I bet she’s a school teacher.

(…excuse me…the gag reflex is kicking in a little bit… :) )

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it in the family! In West Virginia we pork our moms all the time.

…And if you really want to give that gag reflex a workout, check out THIS site:
Cousin Couples - Support for Kissing Cousins

…And then check out the letters in the ADVICE COLUMN:
Cousin Couples - Auntie Kate’s Q&A Index

Some example questions:


Problem. Having recently fulfilled a lifetimes ambition to kiss my (1st) cousin and subsequently find myself as her live in lover, I now find myself with a dilemma at christmas. Do I refer to her mum as Auntie or Mum? Kylie prefers me to call her Mum Auntie but I want things to go much further. Have any of your previous writers addressed this issue?

Last week me and my cousin had a kiss. Then last night we had sex and I feel strongly for her but she is 22 and I am 16 what do I do?

My cousin and I both got very drunk and we made love. In the morning she left and didn’t say any thing to me. Does she like me or was it a mistake?

I am 21 and I have been having sex with my 14 year-old cousin; she loves it but she whats to have my baby. I do not want kids; I want to spend my life with her but kids I don’t know

Well my story goes like this…a long time ago my first cousin took advantage of me, that is she told me to play this game and well you can guess what it was. Now this left a sexual desire in me which I fulfilled with her younger brother. Having now grown out of this and returned to a heterosexual lifestyle my past actions still haunt me for two reasons:
1:because they were both my cousins.
2:because one of them was a boy and I was having gay sex

What do I do try to pretend it never happened?

I’m the best kisser in the county… daddy says so.

And did you just put pork and mom in the same sentence? Unless talking about Easter ham, those two words should never be together…


What’s wrong with that? I bet she’s a school teacher.

Was she hot? (Baaaarf!!)

Dad is sat on the porch whittling (not sure what that is, but I’m sure you yanks do. :D)

(Actually, I remember now. It’s a sort of veranda! LOL)

Anyway, he sees his eldest son (the morning after his honeymoon night) walking up to the cabin.

So, the son sits down and starts whittling too, (probably a genetic thing).

“So Jeb my boy, how did that there honeymoon night go?”

—long silence whilst whittling-------- then…

“Well, Paw, I had to leave her, she was a virgin!”

—another long silence (whittling etc.).—

“You did the right thing ma boy; if’n she ain’t good enough for her family, sure as #### she ain’t good enough for ours!”


Quote (Guest @ Dec. 16 2005,19:13)
"You did the right thing ma boy; if’n she ain’t good enough for her family, sure as #### she ain’t good enough for ours!"


Darn you, Ali.

I was going to go for that joke!

All right then - If an Amish couple gets a divorce, are they still brother and sister?

"Don’t know what’s wrong with that boy, Martha. He prefers them pigs to his own sister."

Most confusing day of the year? Father’s Day in Amish country.

I suppose it’s unfair to pick on the Amish on an internet forum, but they’ll never know about it.