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looking for song suggestions

My sister in law just finished med school and she is moving, so we are throwing a party and my band is playing. Just looking for suggestions for medical related songs to play. We mostly play modern and classic rock. We were thinking Bon Jovi Bad Medicine, Dr Love(kiss), Somebody get me a doctor(vh). Any suggestions appreciated.

I Don’t Need No Doctor – Humble Pie (Live at the Fillmore version!!!)
Bad Case of Lovin’ You (Doctor, Doctor) – Moon Martin (yes, Robert Palmer had the hit with it…ARGH!!)

Doctor Robert - beatles
Doctor Kiss Kiss - 5000 Volts
Doctor Doctor - The Who
Doctor John the Night Tripper?
Doctor Who?

The Witch Doctor Song - David Seville (weird but fun…)


Quote (phoo @ Mar. 20 2007,12:31)
I Don't Need No Doctor -- Humble Pie (Live at the Fillmore version!!!)

Oh yes! Or the Steve Marriott Pack of three version live in London somewhere.... got the DVD, just can't remember

Dr Jimmy from Quadrophenia

Doctor Doctor - Thompson Twins (or was that a cover?)

great stuff so far, keep em comming. Thanks for the link by the way, she will love that.

Doctor Doctor - UFO

Just a short list…

I am…


Quote (teryeah @ Mar. 20 2007,14:20)
Doctor Doctor - UFO

thats the one i was thinkin!

Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Brown
Doctor Feelgood - Motley Crue

I’m probably waaayyyy tooo late…

Call the doctor…jj cale