Does n-Track have a pitch transposer?

Need experienced feedback…

Has anybody used n-Track’s pitch shift feature? Any loss in quality of sound? I’m trying to decide whether to buy n-Track or Sound Forge. I’m primarly interested in recording my guitar at a slightly slower tempo and then speeding it up to normal for playback, without altering the pitch.

I use it to record guitar, then pitch shift down 1 octave and use it as a bass track.

Sound quality is good if you use the highest quality setting.

The high quality setting is fine for applying the effect offline and destructively.
To use the effect in real-time you will most likely need to use a lower quality setting.

Haven’t used it to speed up or slow down without changing pitch…


Gman, you need to try them both, since one or both or neither may sound “good” to you. No pitchshifitng is without artifacts. But if you really want it to sound good, you’ll want to go with a high quality plug in, like the Waves one.

I'm primarly interested in recording my guitar at a slightly slower tempo and then speeding it up to normal for playback, without altering the pitch.
You are looking for stretching, which n-Tracks doesn't do.

I really thing that to record at a slower tempo you'll be better served to lower the pitch in away that slows down playback, then to do the reverse to the recorded tracks.

Save a mix of the song you want to overdub over.
Open the mix in almost any wave editor.
Pitch shift it down in a way that does NOT preserve tempo.
Save that out and import it into a new n-Tracks song.
Record your new parts to the slowed down track.
Copy the recorded waves into the wave editor.
Pitch shift them up EXACTLY the same amount that the mix was lowered, again without preserving tempo.
Save out that wave file and import it in your original song. It should playback in tune unless there is unexpected error correction, or errors, in the conversion.

The idea is that there are two songs - one slowed down the other at regular speed. Do not share waves between them or you could get your tracks crossed in the conversions.

I have not successfully recorded slowed down without also pitch shifting. I used to do this a lot when use a tape deck. So far I haven't found a good way to do it in the desktop world.

One other thing to look into is to use the DirectSound devices for record and playback. DirectSound supports playback speed. Likewise, n-Tracks supports changing playback speed, just like a tapedeck, when using DirectSound. I've been meaning to try recording this way to see what happens but I simply haven't done it yet.

I'm a crappy guitar player and I love tape speed effects and tricks. It would be really cool if that worked. :)

I just stumbled on a Time Stretch function in n-Tracks

Menu: Track / Special / Time Stretch

Since I didn’t know this was there I’ve never used it. It might be just the thing you are looking for. I think it’s a destructive edit though (make copies of you wave files if so). Track / Special is the same menu the DirectSound playback speed function is located.