Does n-Track support Tascam US-428?

I’ve been using the -428 controller w/ CEP 2.0, and wonder if it’ll work with n-Track, and to what extent? Thx,


Yes, it does. There is a preset for it under:

File - Settings - MIDI faders/Control Setup - then click the Presets button and select the Tascam US 428.

I have used this preset as a basis for using Ntrack with the Tascam FW1884. It works pretty well.

can you explain to me how you did this? i am thinking about getting the FW1082. is it hard to get it so the faders are in sync with n-track?

also… the Tascam 224 and 428 dont have moving faders, right? so how do you get them to line up with n-track?

i want something just for mixing… something whose faders work well with n-track…

I use a Tascam US-224. Yeah, you can set it so that fader movement on the control interface are reflected in the software. Honestly, though, you’ll be MUCH better off with drawing volume evolutions.

To do volume evolutions, hold down the “ALT” key. The lines across each track are the volumes. Right click to put in a node and then make whatever changes you want. It’s way more accurate than dealing with the lag you get by trying to write the fader movements onto the track, I think. I started out using the faders and quickly figured out that I got better results with the drawing.