Does such a utility exist?

BPM Dectetor?

Is there any such utility that would detect the average BPM of a song from velocity peaks from, say, a drum file. I created a midi drum file, vsti-ed it, and lost the original file somehow. Now I need to bpm to do some more work on it, add stuff. help?


I dunno but Dennis/Elwood Blues over at audiominds wrote a small utility app where you could tap the tempo and get a BPM back.
Would that help ?

well, I really want something more percise than that. I could probobly use a metronome or something if I wanted to be that general about it. But I figure if I go by that, then if I was a little off, then all my measurements could get really off really fast…

inside of Sony’s acid pro there is a utility called beatmapper it will do what you want, but most likely not at a price you like, cause you must buy the program.
If you will post the MP3 I will beatmapp it for you. If that will help.

that will. what type of instrument will work best?

I’ve seen a couple programs mentioned, hopefully someone will pipe up.

But I find that the best way is to use n-Track’s grid. Just (with grid off) align the first solid beat to the very beginning of the timeline. With grid display on, adjust the tempo until you see it line up. If your tempo really is “perfect” (i.e., created from a wave-file-based program), it lines up quite easily with an integer for the tempo. If the timing is solid but was created using an external beat box or something, it should still be pretty easy but you’ll need to use a fractional tempo. In other cases (human playing to invisible click or human without click) it’s harder or impossible, but you learn just how steady it is.

I don’t care for programs that just spit out a number, because I don’t know what the confidence level is without looking. In your case here, though, that’s not an issue, and one of the little tempo detector should work just fine.

I would use one of the wav files created by n from my vsti. I have drum and bass parts created using SFplay. So they should be tempo exact, theoretically.


Right. The issues that make bpm detectors bad don’t apply here.

But finding the bpm using the grid is as easy and takes less time than your post, and easier than finding and downloading a bunch of programs to try. Really, it’s easy when the BPM was created using N and a VSTi.

I thought the latest version of Audacity has beat detection included.
When setting the tempo in Ntrack, you can also tap-along…

actually, I figured out that Audition has one in it, so I am set now. THanks for all your advice everyone. i prolly would have gone with jeff’s suggestion otherwise.