does Tranzport work with ntrack?

Hey all;

Have you guys seen Tranzport? Looks like a handy device to have. Does anyone know if it works with nTrack?

I found a thread for you……anzport


Actually, before I posted I did a search and found that thread as well. Unfortunately, it’s 4 years old. It seems it didn’t work in 2005; I was wondering if it did now.


Dunno… I haven’t fooled around with V6 other than testing until the TEN DAY trial expired.

In keeping with the mood of late…

R.I.P. n-Track… (at least at Diogesneez Studio)


I looked into the Tranzport thing - remote control of your DAW - and found a better option. If you have a spare laptop, you can just use TightVNC. This way you have access to the entire computer you’re recording on instead of just nTrack.

I haven’d had a chance to actually try it yet, but it looks promising.