Doing a piano overdub

copy part from track,mix it with another

Hi, I need help on how to do a certain thing in N-Track, it will be easiest for me to ask the question by explaining what I´m about to do…

My band is curently in the studio recording a reggaealbum, I play the keys and we could´nt bring a real piano to the studio so I´m playing a contemporary synth piano which I later will overdub with my own piano at my place using a laptop computer and N-track studio 5.05.

As we record in logic pro in the studio on another computer than mine, I know that the overdub track I´m about to do won´t be in sync when we open them up in logic.

I found at a trick to make the syncronisation an easy thing, but I´m unsure on how to do it in N-track studio.

The thing is…Every song starts with the drummer counting. When I have recorded the piano track I will have two tracks in my N-track projekt file, the stereo mix down of the song and the new piano track. i want to “sample” the first 10 seconds or so, (including the counting) from the stereo mixdown file and mix it with the new piano track, this way it will be easy to sync the piano track with the other files in the studio computer later on…How do I do this in N-Track?
Is it even possible??

Sorry for writing such a long post…but I hope someone out there can help me…


the first thing you have to do is to harmonise both PCs - you will need to know the Sample rate, the Bit depth (16 24 or other) and the Frame rate (SMPTE/ MTC) used in Logic - and set N accordingly -

while you are waiting for above info - insert any stereo track into N and experiment with the SPLICE function found in EDIT/Non Destructive/ splice (chouce of 4 options) here you can cut pieces out of a track very much at will (ie the first 10 seconds you want) - then look in track preferences on how you can move a piece of track and use the lock fearure to stop it moving - if you move a track say 5 seconds to the right and then lock it N will mixdown the track starting at the start (00-00-00 smpte) of the track not where the track actually is in the timeline -

this may not be clear at first but is easier to do than say - so ir you get it right the first 10 seconds only are on track 1 (and locked in position) - then insert a blank audio track and record your overdub to that track (track 2) - now, no doubt the second track will start 10 seconds in from the start ot track 1, when you get it lined up correctly lock it and N will mixdown both tracks and both pieces will be in the right place -

before mixdown, make sure that the mixdown conditions are set correctly for returning file back to logic -

N will mixdown correctly even if tracks are not locked, but using the lock is an extra safety feature against a wondering mouse click -

Dr J