Don's Country Song - Ride For Free

OK it’s my best attempt so far

OK Cowboys, get out your chewing tobacco and start that rocking chairs a swaying, it’s Country time, or is it Western; not really sure but we’re gonna do some 2 stepping at the King Don RODEO, YEEEE HAAAAAA!!!

I wrote this song the way I figured that a Country singer would write a song. This is the way I hear country music, except my vocals are a little better (NOT). Hope you guys like it.

Ride For Free


Not sure what you wanted comments on so I will cover what I can think of.

I think the acoustic guitar is too hot in the mix. It definitely covered up the lead guitar intro.

The vocal level is just about right but definitely competing with the acoustic.

Your vocals get better as the songs moves along. Intonation is a bit shakey at the start.

Cut back on the acoustic and let us hear it again.

Nice song!

SaxAppeal :)

OK I changed it up a little bit. Lowered the acoustic, made the vocals stand out a little more, and made a few other changes, let me know if there’s any noticable difference.

Ride For Free 2nd try


Much, much better! I can understand all of the words but still hear the acoustic. I think for this song, the vocals are much more important than the acoustic so the current mix is appropriate. This is much closer to a radio-quality production. I also like that you don’t have too much reverb on the vocals.

Very nice job. I wish my mixes sounded this good. :angry:

Check the intonation for the lead acoustic guitar in the intro. Sounds like there are a few notes out of tune.

Keith :;):

Yea I re-did that twangy country intro, it was a little out of tune. Thanks for the comp on my mixing, I still hear so many mistakes when I play back, just can’t get them all.

Here’s the finished song, and I’m going to leave the vocals scratchy, gotta leave them something to fix.

Ride For Free