Don't cha just love crap like this?

Speciallly with the taxes you pay…

Doc’s rippin’ us off


While the federal government will foot the bill for most of the unreliable data, senior citizens and disabled Americans on Medicare paid, too. That’s because they were charged $26 each time their doctors billed Medicare for submitting information about their side effects.

Doctors, meanwhile, made tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars off the program.

The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said taxpayers and beneficiaries were “bilked” because they paid for services that physicians are already supposed to provide.

Medicare officials disputed that the program was wasteful. They said the program was an initial step in the Bush administration’s push to measure the quality of health care.

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Speaking of getting ripped off, this was totally under-reported, and totally smells.


Aug. 23, 2006, 11:46PM
Senator who put ‘secret hold’ on bill to open federal records is a secret, too

Cox News Service

WASHINGTON ? In an ironic twist, legislation that would open up the murky world of government contracting to public scrutiny has been derailed by a secret parliamentary maneuver.

An unidentified senator placed a “secret hold” on legislation introduced by Sens. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., that would create a searchable database of government contracts, grants, insurance, loans and financial assistance, worth $2.5 trillion last year. The database would bring transparency to federal spending and be as simple to use as conducting a Google search.

The measure had been unanimously passed in a voice vote last month by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. It was on the fast track for floor action before Congress recessed Aug. 4 when someone put a hold on the measure.

Now the bill is in political limbo. Under Senate rules, unless the senator who placed the hold decides to lift it, the bill will not be brought up for a vote.

“It really is outrageous to do this in the dead of night as Congress is recessing,” said Gary Bass, executive director of OMB Watch, a budget watchdog group based in Washington. "The public has a right to know how the government spends money."

The secret hold has prompted conservative and liberal government watchdog groups to band together to “smoke out” the senator responsible., for example, posted photographs of all senatorial suspects underneath a bold-faced headline asking, "Who is the Secret Holder?"

It remains unclear if the senator responsible will be able to withstand the pressure from the broad array of groups and senators supporting the bill.

“It really is a mystery, not only who did it, but what the rationale could possibly be and why they would go to the mat on this,” said Ellen Miller, executive director of the Sunlight Foundation, a new Washington-based nonprofit devoted to helping the public understand Congress through the Internet. "There is no conceivable, rational explanation for killing this legislation unless they have something to hide."

It was the king of pork.


CNN has confirmed that Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has placed a hold on a bill that would require the government to publish online a database of federal spending.

“He does have a hold on the bill,” Stevens’ spokesperson Aaron Saunders told CNN. "At the time he placed the hold he notified Sen. [Tom] Coburn and his staff and identified several questions we had with the bill. Two weeks ago Sen. Coburn named Stevens as having a hold on the bill, so we don’t consider it a secret."


Thanks, King!



Heh… can’t let the peasants know how their gummint is spending their tax dollars now can they? Sheesh… what do you expect though… :(


‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ doesn’t seem to hold any water anymore.

It’s disheartening to think what this country could be, and what it really is.

Have you ever run across the word ‘kleptocracy’?
But Pluto is no longer a planet. :)


Kleptocracy (sometimes Cleptocracy) (root: Klepto+cracy = rule by thieves) is a pejorative, informal term for a government that is corrupt in its management of public funds in the sense that its management is designed to primarily sustain the personal wealth and political power of government officials and their cronies (collectively, kleptocrats).

Dang… had not heard that one. Sure seems appropos I guess…


You guess? :(


I need a bumper sticker that simply says, in big bold letters, “KLEPTOCRACY”