Don't Hurt Your Head

New (old) reggae song

Don’t Hurt Your Head was originally released on my Brand New Start CD in 2001. This is a re-mixed version with Jeff Moulds on drums and Peter Kasianchuk on bass and a few new effects to boot. To listen, go to Click Don’t Hurt Your Head and scroll down.

I wrote this song after a trip to a Caribbean island where I heard this expression used by a local native. I immediately realized it was a song title. Hope you like it!

Criticism/comments always welcome.

Hi Mr Soul:
I took the tour of your home page and links… It was very interesting… It works pretty good on my dial-up and modem… Thank you for posting that link…


I Fu@#$@#$ love it!

Nice drum sound, amazing guitar lead tone - blah blah blah - need I say more? Thanks for posting.


Dan - thank you very much!!! I do appreciate it. Anyone who writes & releases their own music knows how much we need compliments like this from time to time just to keep going.

Excellent job on the production. I wish I could get my songs that clear.

My only constructive comment would be to polish the intonation on the vocals.

Very nice job. :D



My only constructive comment would be to polish the intonation on the vocals.

My vocals s*ck but they’re the best I can do.

I should also point out that all the tracks except the drums, were originally done on a Tascam porta-studio (cassette) and transfered to digital. There I added the drums & effects.

If you want to check out examples of my better produced songs, then listen to ones I did completely in nTrack. There are examples of these in this forum.

Do NOT change the vocals - they’re right for your sound.



Kudos Mike. I loved it.

It has slide guitar too!


Sounds really good Mike. I like it, too.

My only complaints are that the skank guitar is panned way to the side and the slide could be a touch louder or brighter. I’d prefer the rhythm to be centered up more since it’s a root of the song part. All VERY minor.

Thanks guys! I’m always interested in what people think of the mix or how they might do it otherwise.


…slide could be a touch louder or brighter.

Yes - the slide is a little dark sounding, largely because it was recorded on an 3 3/4 ips cassette. I intentionally kept the slide a little low because I put this wacked out effect on it called “Deja Vu” and it was really over powering my monitors.

I probably should have just re-recorded the entire song but I had the basic tracks done & converted to digital.

Also, did you notice the bass sound? It was an done on an old Musicman 4-string bass & it sounded great when we were recording it!

phoo - did you listen to any of the tunes with Fleetwood drum loops? Those came out the best (but don’t tell my drummer Jeff though).

I listened to all of them but I’m not familiar with the drum loops so I don’t which is which. I can makes guesses of course. :)

Anyway, loops are already well recorded and for the most part have just about perfect timing. As long as they fit musically it should be pretty easy to get them sounding and fitting better than a real drummer…for most of us anyway. You know how drummers are.

Musicman made just about the best basses out there for a while. I was in a reggae band with a bass player that had a Stingray with a fiberglass neck from the factory. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen with a neck like that. It sounded great – big fat and smooth. I was also around a few other players in the early 80’s that had them and all of them had wonderful tone. All you need to do is plug 'em in and go.

Didn’t MM or someone else start making them again?