Done Playing Out

Selling P.A. / New Front End Needed

Okay,anymore the thought of moving gear, setting up & tearing down for a gig makes me want to throwup. So I have decided to end my “playing out” days.

My P.A. is for sale. The mixer I use in the home studio goes with it. So I will need a new front end in the studio. Thinking of a Tascam FW-1884 or FW-1082.

Anybody using one of these? How is it as control surface? Do you use the firewire or SPDIF, or both? Likes/dislikes?




Oh a grand or less. The Tascams come to mind cause of the control surface aspect.

I’ll take your gear :laugh:
Is shipping free? :laugh:

Quote: (spreadercraig @ Apr. 30 2009, 4:31 PM)

I'll take your gear
Is shipping free?

This stuff needs to go to some young-dumb-strong person who thinks they need tons of power to fill a bar with sound. And yes in my yute I fit that description, that's why I own it now. My neighbors dont like me to begin with, bunch of nosey old, they really hate me when I have a few and fire this bad boy up and treat them to a few tunes.

Mixer, mains, monitors, and 1 power amp have to go. I am keeping both compressors, the stereo effects unit, and the smaller power amp for the studio.

Still looking at a control surface, A/D-D/A, I/O, mixer combo thing-a-ma-bob as a front end. Guess no one here has any direct experiences. (Shrug)