Downhill Supercruiser Demo Scratch Track

So, I decided to ditch my band and do my own project. This is just scratch, so everything is messy. I didn’t care to fix anything up, really. Just wanted to lay the track down so I can listen to the idea as a whole. I played all the instruments. Mic’ed the drums, but used Nomad Factory Rock Amp Legends for my “half stack” set on clean. Used a Boss Dual Overdrive stomp box for the distortion. I’m actually quite impressed with that software. This was all recorded in my bedroom. I really enjoy this n-Track software.

Any bands/artists in South Orange County, California area need a drummer for projects? I play a lot better than what’s on this recording…seriously. I’d love to help out.

Jonah (Demo Scratch)

I like the chord changes in the song, not bad for a rough draft:)

Here’s a second draft of the previous song. I didn’t record vocals yet, though I do have most if it done except for a few lines in the bridge section. Words don’t come very easily for me so it might sit for a while.

Jonah (second draft)

Also, here’s another idea in the works. I recorded my friend’s melody idea for the first part and left it out in the remaining part. Again, sorry it’s sloppy. But just to get an idea, I guess.

Idea (draft)