Download: Click 64, click download: Nothing

Download problem

Hi Flavio and the group.

Used N-track for years; have 8EX installed and activated. Want to update. After click 64, click download… I get little gray dots across the screen. Never ends. WHERE is it downloading?


Regards, Terry King
…In The Woods in Vermont, USA

UPDATE: Went to another computer: THAT went to “Download should start automatically”, then had me log in, now is downloading. What is machine-specific?? Hmmm…

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Other machine downloaded ok, Transferred file to this machine with activated 8EX. Installed fine. Runs fine…

But Why?? Mysteries …

Without knowing what kind of system, OS, age, It could be anything, virus scanner, a virus worm, Trojan, almost anything could cause this issue. With out a detailed report of your system the answer is far from being known. Even after a detailed report, the process of elimination would begin, Is it hardware related?; you’d have to go through the process, is it software related?; again many steps in the process of elimination, until you find what causes it. This could be very difficult if your not an expert with your PC. If not a full understanding of your PC a reformat of the OS would be the easiest way to solve the problem and start fresh.