Download - What is !@$ is going on?

Wants to install some other program

I just tried to update by downloading build 3009.
I started at the Ntrack window and was taken to another site to download.
After the download I was asked if I wanted to install some new version of Zip file and I declined.
The program closed and the download did not open to intall Ntrack to my computer.
Is this from Ntrack?
or has someone high jacked the download site?

I’ve PM’d Flavio

I clicked on the download and it download fine without being taken to another site and I ran the nTrackSetup.exe and everything seemed fine Bax
I didn’t actually update but I did make it to the screen where it asks to install n-Track, so I assume this is normal and working as expected.


I tried again later and things worked as they have always in the past.

Sun Spots :laugh:



the website seems to be ok, and I haven’t heard of anything similar from other users. Perhaps the browser was hijacked?! I’ve heard of similar things happening with IE toolbars and similar stuff.
Please let me know if you still see strange stuff with the n-Track download.


P.s.: just to clarify, n-Track doesn’t and did never install any 3rd party ‘piggyback’ software. Also we check regularly for viruses and other malware.