downloading plugins is it good?

Dear guys

I have downloaded a daw recently. then i heared the availability of free plugins vst and dx in the net.

i started downloading plugins and now i have loaded my pc with more or less 100 plugins some good and some bad.
Wheather i am using it or not is a big question?

is this (the habit of downloading and loading the daw with free and paid plugins ) good or bad?

kindly advice
or shall we delet the plugins which is uncomfortable and unsatisfactory?


Heh - that’s a good question. There are a lot of very good free plugins out there. We all end up with lots and lots of reverbs and EQs and compressors.

What have you found that you like?

the ambience , classics, plugins from are good, blue cats ofcourse

Quote: (fixyjohn @ Nov. 09 2009, 6:15 AM)

shall we delet the plugins which is uncomfortable and unsatisfactory?



Also, just search this forum for plugin or plug-in might turn up some gems.
I recall seeing a number of good ones posted here over the last year.

I’d be lost without my SIR 'verb.

The kjerhuis (did I spell that correctly?) stuff is totally worth having.

Beyond that, most of the free stuff I use are VSTi. I’m still using Loopazoid, if you can believe that.

My fav EQ is also very old in digital terms, the A0 Digital audio one, used to be around for free, horrid GUI but I like the sound for some reason.

Just delete the ones that you don’t like and enjoy the ones that you do like.
We all do. :slight_smile:

I used to spend lots of time browsing for plug-ins and such. But a lot of that time was wasted. I only use about a half or less.
Consider what you actually need right now and find those, get the rest when you need them.
Some of the plug-ins I use on nearly every project would be SimulAnalog Guitar Suite, Digitalfishphones dynamics, various Kjaerhus and mda stuff.


Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 10 2009, 4:37 PM)

The kjerhuis (did I spell that correctly?)

Nope: :-)


And yes they are good, I use them a lot.