Downloads and Browsers

Bought Jamstix and cannot download

I purchased Jamstix. I have Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer.

I am unable to download the program, tutorials, demo, samples etc… I get the “this page cannot be displayed” message.

Any idea what might be set in the browsers to prevent the download?

Ralph the Jamstix man suggested using another browser like Firefox. Can I install and use Firefox without disrupting the use of IE and MSN Explorer.



I use firefox and all my JS downloads have worked fine.

What happens if you right click and “Save as” or copy and paste the link into a new window?

You can use Firefox and IE side by side. Not sure about MSN explorer as I don’t use it…

I have IE and Firefox installed on the work laptop I’m typing onnow and it works fine.
Use Firefox for everything except a couple of work sites that require IE.


When I first downloaded Jamstix by right clicking on the link and selecting “save target as…”, IE6 added an extra file extension, .xxx (I forget what exactly) to the filename. I had to rename the file to get rid of the unwelcome extension before it would install. Apart from that everything went fine and I am loving Jamstix.

Ralph worked with me for about an hour and we never could get the download to work. He is going to send a CD at no charge.