Draw Envelopes on Groups?

Ok, this may be a dumb question, but sometimes you guys have found something I haven’t (to say the least).
Can a wav form be displayed for a group: or do you have to mixdown to get that feature?
A Group can be automated, is there a better way?


No, wavs cannot be displayed for a group. However, you can draw volume etc. evolutions for groups just the same as for individual wavs. Click the down arrow next to the volume evolution button on the toolbar and a menu will open with all the options. Note that if your current project does not yet contain a group, then no group options will be displayed.
Note also that group evolutions are shown as lines (the same as for individual wavs) beginning at the top. So group 1 will be shown on track 1, group 2 on track 2 etc. Kinda confusing at first 'till you get the hang of it.