Drawing aux return

Trying to cut off delays at end of song!

Hi, I’m drawing the aux return for a delay that I have on one of the auxs. I thought that drawing this down to -inf at the point where I want the delay to stop should do it, but I can’t get it to work. Am I missing something??!!

I know nothing about aux return. I’ve used this program for seven years and still have not figured out everything.
Seems like I stick with the things I know, and still manage to get things done.

If I was to try and do what your describing, I would make a copy of the track.
Then, I would do a quick fade out of the one with effect on it.
Leaving only the clean one playing at the point I want it to cut out. It might be nessicary to fade in the clean track as well so the overall volume doesn’t increase.
I do wish I knew how to do all these things people in here talk about. But somehow I still manage to make music, oh well.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

jerm :cool:

when i first started using the program… ah… a long time ago, i had the opposite problem, with effects ending abruptly at the end of a track.

i discovered that if the specific track to which they were applied (as inserts in this case) extended beyond the last note sufficiently, the problem was cured. conversely, if i pulled the end of the specific track up to the end of the last note, the effects would also be cut off.

it just became part of my normal process to allow sufficient silent space at the end of each take, so i can’t say this still works this way, and i never checked it with an AUX effect, but worth a try.

A volume envelope on the master channel should do it, if you’re not trying to cut the FX before the rest of the song.

But what you’re doing seems like it should work. After killing the return, you shouldn’t get anything.
Are you sure you don’t have a plugin somewhere you’ve forgotten about?


I’ve always done it like Jerm, the Irish way. Just clone the track and apply the FX to the new track.

Works for me. :p


Hi Don and All you guys:
I don’t do that operation the way any of you, describe…

It is seldom that I use the effects sends-and-returns… If you want to change the effects during the course of the length of the track … then you have to use FX sends and all…

But, if the FX’s are constant through the length of the track , just apply IT to the whole track, without the sends. And then Vol Draw the whole Track… Is there anything wrong with that?

That’ll be $0.03 :laugh:


AaHh… Delays-are-Different… :O ???

I use the auxillaries as the poster is trying to do without any problems. I can think of only three possibilities.

1) you don’t have automation enabled in the options. this would make it so drawing envelopes will have NO effect on anything.
2) you are fading out the wrong envelope for the aux return.
3) you are adjusting the send and not the return.

other than that, it might be a bug.

good luck