Drawing envelopes for individual track effects

I want to turn on/off a single effect, placed in the Track effects window (not in one of the Aux’s), for a portion of a track. Does anyone know how to do it? There’s a discussion of “effects parameters” and “volumes and effects parameters automation” and “effects automation” in the online help but for the life of me, I can’t figure it out.

In fact, help says:


The program handles up to 32 aux channels, so a lot of more sophisticated real-time processings can be easily obtained.

So it appears that I can do it this way, but how do you create an extra aux channel?

I’m using 3.3.

Thanks in advance.

Only way I know to do it would be toplace the effect in an Aux channell and turn the Aux return (or Send) off with the Draw envelope.

Right and I’ve already got plug-ins in both Aux’s so that won’t work.

You can add another aux bus. Go to Add Channel | Add New Aux Channel.

In Ver 3 you may have to select the number of Aux boxes in the Preferrences setting under the File Menu - options I think.

I haven’t used 3.3 for a while, but doesn’t it have effect parameter automation?

If so then you just need to make sure that the effect you are using has automatable wet/dry levels (or replace the effect with one that does…).

Other option could be to cut that section of the wav out of that track and paste it inot another track so the effect doesn’t get put onto that clip. (that’s how I used to do it before I discovered efect parameter automation)


I had a go of the effect automation in 3.3 and couldn’t get it to work with the FaSoft Echo - or at least, I couldn’t work it out.


Thanks for the responses. It does have parameter automation but I couldn’t figure out how to get it work.

IF you click on the down arrow on the envelope button int he toolbar (it looks like a little ramp) it should give you a list of different envelopes and down the bottom I think is effect envelopes or somehting like that.

That will then bring up a dialogue box where you can choose the effect in one column and then the parameter for that effect in the other column.

You shoudl then see the envelopes you selected on the timeline…

That was all from memory so maybe missed a step or two but I think it’s right…