Drivers under xp

asio vs ds vs mme vs wdm

What have people had the best success with. And any good links the to differences (low level explanations are fine I’ve done some low level programming so interupts and the like aren’t over my head).

I’m running one delta 44 on a althon64 2800 (s754) with winXP sp2. I’m also running win64 beta with the beta drivers for the delta (although i’m dumping that install shortly).

Thanks for the help guys/gals and happy holidays.

I have heard this question many times and after much discussion the conclusion is: "try all the options and use the one that works better for you"

If you need minimal latency (for sofsynths or speed) use WDM or ASIO. MME is older and slower but is usually more stable than the other options.

thanks for the reply marce. I am currently using wdm and they seem to be working great, but i haven’t stressed it by any means yet.