DROPPED ACID now hooked on REX -

in the end (if there ever is such a thing) i have dropped ACID for loop making -

taking stock of what software i already have, buying the full ACID would be an expense too far - have tried the STUDIO version, maybe one day but having mow tried REX2 files, REX2 is a far better format -

N TRACK does not do REX2, it is a shame that whilst the BIG boys (and 1 other) have snapped up REX capability since it became available to third party developers since 2004, N still is lacking this capability, this puts ALL N users at a disadvantage -

whats so special about REX2 then - imagine you have an empty audio track, you take a kick drum sample and arrange it along the track, then you take a bass guitar sample and arrange that along the same track then to lighten it you add some cymbols, so on so forth - when the file has been REXed all the samples used in the track remain seperate so that later you can move them about and time stretch them at will -

to build your own REX files you will need ReCycle by propellerheads, (which is cheaper than the full ACID) - but thankfully there are thousands of FREE REX2 files available on the web -

whilst i do not believe in promoting competing software, but as N does not have REX2 capability, (and as i do not believe in greasing the palms of the BIG companies), unless you already have REX capable software to enjoy the REX experiance you will need to download this app -


this is the BETA version - select the windows version under the 11- july - energyXT2.x BETA heading - opens in demo mode so has limitations but its OK to get the idea of how REX works -

whilst i can take or leave ACID i have found REX totally addictive -

good range of FREE REX2 files available here -