Drum beater question

So, when it comes to beating drummers for recording, I mean, kick drum beaters for recording, what do you drummers prefer?

I’m not a drummer, but I play one on the internet…

In my kit I mostly like the felt beater on a 22". But the plastic beater is a tad more tweakable on the 6k+ end for uptempo stuff. Of course that’s of no use because there’s no accounting for pedal response.

Now I’m wondering why I even replied to this? You have a clue?

If you like the “clicky” presence on your bass drum tracks, do the plastic beater. If you like the softer, mellower attack, do the felt… OR buy a reversible beater and use which ever side you want for the sound you want OR buy EZDrummer (Or Addictive Drums) and sell your drumkit. :p


I prefer natural wood, but usually use felt. Wood can bounce more and it can be heard as a little sputter. Felt can bounce too, but it’s not as audible. Then again, it’s better to play so that they don’t bounce – not that easy actually. Having both heads on the kick causes way more bounce than a single headed heavily muffled kick.

A multi-sided beater is a good investment because you can easily switch to just about anything. Some beaters are three sided.

Something else that greatly affects the sound is the kind of patch that’s where the beater hits. Being the mean guy I am I prefer no patch at all but I wear out heads fast that way, especially when using a wood beater. I doubt a head would last a night with a wood beater and no patch, but it sounds great when recording.

Try to make sure the beater doesn’t hit the kick EXACTLY PERFECTLY in the dead center. That can result in a sort of dead sound, sort of like picking a guitar string right on the octave. Off center brings out more harmonics, which is usually a better thing. Doesn’t need to be too far off center to help a lot.

I’ve discovered that I almost can’t not hit dead center when using the 22" kick. Way better when 20" or 24", but I like the sound of the 22" in the room better (all three kicks are tuned way differently though). It’s the way my kick pedal is setup. Can’t do much about that. I like my pedal the way it is.

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Edit: mostly I mean those tell me to get rid of my kit. I’m going to learn to play and record drums before i die or else!


I didn’t tell you to not get rid of your kit…

Quote: (TomS @ Feb. 19 2009, 8:12 PM)

So, when it comes to beating drummers for recording, I mean, kick drum beaters for recording, what do you drummers prefer?

Well, more or less what Phoo said... but don't discount the effect heads and tuning has... as well as dampening. For recording, who cares how ugly it is. I may take a head off the front and put all kinds of dampening junk on the inside depending on what I want. My typical "sounds like me" set up (like in the Slang and PTM tracks) is simply a felt beater (Iron Cobra style, not the marshmallow), a Super Kick II head and I have a pillow in the drum wedged setting against the front and back head resting about 4-5 inches from the rim on either side. The front head is an Evans EMAD... don't really like this head much. I am thinking of trying out the Onyx resonant when $$$ is available again.