Drum Clips

uh Drum Clips

What is the easiest way to drop drum clips on a track and copy & paste etc.?

I have 160 measures + to drop and I find when I place one on the track and then do a copy & paste, the paste ends up on a newly created track. Please don’t tell me that I have to select the area first because I’d have to do that a lot of times. Is there a key combo I can use to select a clip and drag that will result in a copy draging off from the original?



Doesn’t SHIFT-CNTRL-V paste at the end of the currently selected track?

Crtl+Shift+V should paste into the selected track.


WHOOPS! Mark beat me to it!

Thanks Guys,

That works! Sorry to be a pain!

But…is there a grid dialog to refine the grid to different choices like full measure, 1/2 measure etc. If there is I haven’t found it!


Shift-Click the grid button on the tool bar. Is that what you are looking for?


Or else Crtl+Shift+G.

Great! Thanks for the help guys.

Where are you guys finding the speed key assignments? I must be missing them in the help file or just passing the page because I can’t seem to locate them there!!!?????


Hover your mouse over a button for a few seconds and usually a tooltip will popup with short cuts and junk.


Thanks D and everyone who helped me get the job done without reading too much!!!

Have an enjoyable weekend with family and friends. (politically correct but from the heart).