Drum Editor.....

Hello everyone.
Most of you will agree that N-tracks is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to make music. It has changed a lot over the years as it has to.
The one thing that can make it bigger has to be a better drum editor. This drum editor should enable the user to move the names/sounds of the drumkit around just like you can in Cubase or Magix. The editor should allow users to build their own custom drum kits etc.Well i use Cubase (5.0) to do drums but to use 2 seperate applications, one for drums and the other to record audio is quite cumbersome. The reason why i use N-Track for recording audio is because of the 32bit processing which my Cubase 5 does not have.
my views…that’s all

Yup, it’d be nice… I also like the drum editor in Cubase.

But you could also use a 3rd-party notation editor that has a drum editor and just import the midi file in N (I’ve done that before a lot.)

I particularly like Melody Assistand ( www.myriad-online.com ) for notation/drum editing and it’s only $20. Easy to use and easily swaps files with n-track.

Fruity Loops works very well as a VSTI slave to n-Track. I use it all the time, and it does everything that you mentioned. It will show up as a channel in n-Track and stays sync’ed to the transport controls (tempo, play, stop, FF, RR, etc…).

n-Track - $75.00
FL (Fruity Loops Edition) - $99.00
Total – $174.00

Tell me again how much Sonar is?!? :p

I can vouch for Fruity Loops as a VSTi too. You can even route each drum sound (up to 16 channels) to an individual ntrack track and then add effects/eq/panning on a drum by drum basis. This makes it extremely flexible.