Drum Kit

Pearl Master Custom

Found this on another forum


Thanks, just grabbed it and will check it out later.

Hi sevenOfeleven:
Thanks for posting that link… Good stuff… I’m downloading the 24-bit Raw files. The download size is some 33 meg. It’ll take a while with my Modem but yea gotta have drum samples… AND… The cymbals… as well…

That should be nice.



I got those files…
I haven’t played them yet. What application do you have-or-use to create your tracks?

Do you download the other kits that are on that page?
At the moment I just have the RAW Files, downloaded…


Hey Bill (and all) -
Yeh, I bought a copy of Fruity Loops Producer.
Together, with this Akai MPD16 drum controller pad, it’s pretty
easy to get the drums I always wanted (quickly). You can check out
a couple of videos on the Image Line site.
Scroll to ‘Beginners’ and 'Using FPC with MPD16’
The drum kits have several samples of the same instrument.
Like snare001, 002 etc. These are the different velocity hits
- from soft to hard. Basically you load these into
FL FPC (Fruity Pad Controller) essentially a plugin,
and fill each pad with the different layered hits.
You can do the same thing with N - i.e. load up each
pad with several of these layered velocity samples.
And if you have a velocity enhanced keyboard controller,
you trigger the softer hits with a lighter touch on the
keyboard and the hard hits with a harder press of the keyboard.
Makes for a more realistic drum sound. I got to say that
I have not done it with N yet, although I went so far as to test
the Akai with it, and it seems to work OK.
Then you can save your drumkit once you have everything as
you like it. But wait, it gets better. You can load several
of these FPC’s each with a different kit. Then use a
layer channel to trigger several percussion instruments together
(from different drumkits) The possibilities are
1) endless and 2)not natural. But I’m telling you
it’s really a blast to play with. So these Pearls can be mixed with
Japaneese or Kamoto island drums or whatever. And you can really get
lost for days and weeks at time.
I think the DEMO of FL7 lets you try out all of this stuff.
May not let you save - but you can get around that with record
what you hear with another program.

Hi sevenOfeleven:

Thanks for that reply…
That’s a great overview for using and producing drum tracks using samples and an application for creating drum tracks.
I can see you have lots of energy and all and you make it look so easy…
Maybe, one day I’ll get busy and see if I can put a drum track together using those ideas.
I’ve been playing around with Drumagog for the production-and-replacement of Kick and Snare hits…
However, I find it’s a resource hog…
it stresses my computers here…
big time…