Drum Machine/Drum Software suggestions?

Hi All,
Looks like (at least for the near future) I’ll be confining my musical endeavors to home recording w/ nTrack. I’ve used an old Dr-550 for creating drumtracks and I’d like to upgrade.
I’ve bought JamStix but have had little to no luck using it like a programmable drum machine (I guess it’s just a little to complex for my little peabrain).
So, I’d welcome suggestions for drum machines (preferred) or a drum software program that is similar to a drum machine. Something simple enough that I don’t need a phD in software programming. Music style is mainly hard rock.
Any input, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Why not try the new drum Vsti in the lastest n-track beta?

Hi You All:
There are several of us Board members getting in on the ground floor with this new 4.2.0 version… Me being one … I’m looking forward to playing with this version…

However, I can’t find the Vsti, yet. So I think I’m somewhere below ground floor…

I just installed/upgraded to this version, this morning. The transition to this build, so far, has been seemless… In fact, this build has performance improvments… at least on the machine I have IT loaded on…


I use Propellerheads Reason for drums and other sequencing and I am very pleased with the results and functionality. It will work as a Rewire device in n-Track (similar to a vsti), though that’s not how I usually use it (I use it to create .wav files that I import into N). I- and others here have used Fruity Loops which will work as a vsti, or to create .wavs. Fruity is cheaper, but I had issues with the beat resolution limitations. To do 1/8-note tripplets, or anything shorter than a 1/16-note you have to hop on one foot and sing La Cuacaracha while eating a tuna sandwich (easy on the mayo please). Reason doesn’t have this limitation and it’s much easier, imo, to make more “natural” sounding sequences.

I mostly use Orion, but there are free drum VSTi thingies out there from Linplug, I think the loopazoid thing is still lurking, Computer Music magazine has some several VSTi that come with the mag that will do well, and I just learned from Mark’s post that n-Track will be sporting some cool new things like a drum VSTi.

Thanks Mark! :)

there’s a drum vsti in the new beta? tell me about it… I’m stuck at work today and can’t check it out. is it any good? how does it work? are samples included at all?

I use a program called drumsite. It’s quite nice and not a whole lot of money. You can use a keyboard to record beats, or do it by mouse. I has 3 articulation levels, you load up say five sample of a bass drum in each level, and it’ll automatically randomize between those five samples. You adjust the articulation level manually, although velocity IS recorded with the midi and adjustable manually as well. It includes some basic effects like eq, compression and reverb that you can apply before exporting the .wavs. You can exports .wavs individually or as a single stereo .wav.


there’s a drum vsti in the new beta? tell me about it… I’m stuck at work today and can’t check it out. is it any good? how does it work? are samples included at all?

Checkout DK+ virtual drums from h e r e.

It’s this product Flavio has bundled with n-track.