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I am new to using n-track, mainly the Drums and midi. when I open my drum kit it has 8 steps per measure instead of only 4. All of the other drum kits I have seen only have 4 steps per measure, even the youtube video and FL studio. It is very confusing to see 8 purple blocks and 8 black blocks… Can I change this? I have tried many things that have not worked.

Thanks for your help.

Hi. Which version of n-Track are you using?

version 7

Across the top of the pattern grid is a row of buttons which can be used to determine the amount of beats to the bar. try highlighting the first four (from the left).

I have tried what you said and many other things in that area with no luck.
If you look half way down this help link you can see it here too.


Works this end. Are you saying the function of selecting a four beat bar does not work for you?

I may not be using the correct music terms, sorry.

In a nut shell there are 8 purple parallel lines and then 8 black lines to separate the measures and then repeats. Or think of it as 8 squares instead of only 4 per measure.

Everything else like FL Studio has only 4 lines or squares per measure, not 8. Hope this helps.

If I can attach a pic on here I can show you, but I dont know how to do that on this forum?

Thank you

Maybe I should say that there are 8 steps per measure and I want only 4 per measure.

Not sure if this is a valid thing to check. . . Do you have the time signature set to 4/4?

Yes, that is all good too, good idea! I am starting to think its just made this way. But I hope not because it is a little harder to set things up for me after using the others. Thanks again for the idea, and Im not giving up.

Somebody has to know if it is adjustable. I just got this like a month ago. A YouTube Drum help channel even has the one I want, I Dont think its the n-track -7 though?

I found a Pic Of what I have. My lines are actually Blue and Black also. Here is the link.


Here is the n-Track Drums help page:


Could you post links to screen shots?

The links I put up are exactly like mine.

Ok. Your first shot is the pattern grid, where you might manually create a beat by checking the relevant boxes. If I understand you correctly, you could achieve your aim by checking the forth box from the left in the upper orange row - thus giving you four beats to the bar. Your second shot is the drum machine, where you can tap in a beat and edit the sounds etc.

Ok, thank you for all you help. Sorry for the delay, I was on a short vacation. I will work with it and get use to it.

Thanks, and take care :)