Drum Mix


I am new to n-Track. I only used digital recorders and Analog recordings in the past.

I’m trying to find out how to replace my acoustic snare drum sound with another snare sound OR combine the two during mixing. Can someone please tell about the procedure or where I can read about it?


BTW, I’m also in search of (hopefully free) DirectX Plug-ins. (Reverb, Delay and such)

Thanks again


Free plug ins of all sorts: www.kvraudio.com

Ask folks about thier favorites, there are some free gems out there. Like SIR. :)

Re: replacing drum sounds, I think drumagog is what you are looking for, although I’ve never used it. Dunno if there is a free thing like it, however.

Two free plug ins I rather like lately, on this thread:


yeah drumagog is the best one i’ve found for this purpose, but it is not free ($150 right now i think). i have yet to find a really good free one, but there must be…


IF there is, I’d sure like to know about it. :)

have you considered triggers on the snare?.. i’ve never worked with triggers myself, but i’m sure that someone here has… it seems reasonable that you could use a midi patch and the acoustic together… although, i can’t say what the actual result would be…


If you have your snare on a separate track then you could try one of those apps that converts wav to midi (not sure which one is good, free etc. as I’ve never used one).

Then use that midi track to trigger whatver sample you want.
Not sure how well it would work… if it mistranslated some snare hits to different notes you might need to go into the piano roll to make them all snare notes (not hard in N. just select all instances of a note by clicking on the keyboard and then go into properties and transpose them all up or down however many semitones you need to. Won’t lose any of their positional data that way)

Best free plugs I use are SIR Reverb and the Kjaerhus classic plugins. You should be able to do most things with those plugs


Like Rich said - between SIR and the classic plugs there’s not much more that you’ll need. Add Flavio’s plugins that comes with N4 for free and you’re set.

Don’t fall in the trap I fell in when I started. I downloaded every free plugin you can imagine, but had no idea how to use one of them.
I’ve ‘standardised’ on the Classic plugs and SIR and learned how to use them, and if I need something else I search for it / dig it out of the archives.

About drum replacement, this might be what you’re looking for. I’m not shure if it is still available (The site says its discontinued), but I still have it somewhere I think if you can’t get hold of it.



Thank you guys for all of the help!!!

I think I’ll need to get familiar with n-Track first, before I look for a handful of plug-ins and such. After that, whenever I’m of a need for a certain sound, then I can search for that specific effect. Sounds right????

Check out PeakFreak. It will allow you to trigger things via MIDI. It is sort of a freeware version of Drumogogue with not nearly as many features… But for what you are doing it should work swell.


Try MDA Beatbox - a freebee drum replacer I’ve played with this before and works pretty well after a little tweaking.

It says that the drum samples can be replaced with others and it should work about the same. I found it at: