Drum Recording

suggestions please!!

Couple of questions that both expose my ignorance of the personal recording world in general (I’m learning slowly and enjoying it…) and of the n-Tracks program itself.

Can n-Tracks accept simultaneous - multiple inputs, like say from a USB multi channel input device in order to record/control mulitple drum channels live? I would prefer to record the snare, kick, toms and cymbals groups on diff. channels in order to adjust and tweak later, add effects, etc. Perhaps this is out of n-tracks league, and getting into more of the higher end software stuff (P-tools, Saw, etc…)?

if not, I understand an inexpensive softwares limitations. If it is possible with n-tracks - would it be better to get a multiple channel sound card of some sort (big bucks?) or would it be recommended to get a USB device, such as Edirol UM-880 8x8 USB MIDI Interface ($400 range) to do this sort of thing?

suggestions from you guys are most welcome as usual…

Yes it will, but you need the soundcard that has multiple inputs. You might look at a Delta 101LE for an inexpensive way. I use an Aardvark Q10 with 10 inputs on it. No problem. Sadly, Aardvark went out of business last year…so now I’m looking at a motu for an upgrade. :)

You’ll be surprised at what n-Track can do when you compare features with the more expensive programs.

If you plan on recording audio tracks (as opposed to MIDI) I’d be more suspicious of a multichannel USB device than n-Track.

Yeah, usb has latency issues. ASIO cards are good though.

The better performing multichannel cards are firewire, not usb.

You don’t say what kind of computer you’re using but if it’s a desktop PC then getting a PCI card with an external box is an excellent way to go. Two units that I have direct experience with are the M-Audio Delta 1010 (8 channels) and the Delta 66 (4 channels). These digital inputs are reasonably priced, have low latency, and the drivers get along well with n-track.

I have both a Delta 1010 and a Delta 66 hooked up to my PC, giving me 12 channels. I record 12 channels simultaneously just fine.

As TomS said, n-Track is pretty similar in features to ProTools and other DAW programs. There’s not much you can’t do with it.

Yep, easy peasy. I’ve recorded drum kits with N-Track and an old Echo Layla 20, no problems.