drum sequencing

Im checking out jamstix but i was wondering if there were any other good drum programs that i can use with ntrack i have fruity loops but dont have the vsti file so i cant use it as a rewire.
any sujestions would be great

Thanx bones

Do you mean that you don’t have the dll file to use fruity loops as a vsti? Why is that? does it not come with fruity loops, where you have to pay extra? (or do you have an illegal copy? ??? :D :;): ) If you have bought the program legally and have lost the software somehow, etc., I bet someone who has FLStudio would send you the dll. It doesn’t work w/o the program anways…

Other than that, I recommend using midi drum tracks, because it gives you a lot more flexibility in choice of vsti. I’ll recommend some vsti’s later. What kind of drums are you wanting? what style of music?


You shouldn’t need any special files to use FL as a Rewire connection in n-track. What makes you think you need a dll?

I thanx guys,No I did buy my fruity loops but it was a wile ago and the file just isnt there im not sure how i lost a single .dll but its not there. or at least not that i can find,lol but if i dont need a file how do i do it im sure it real simple and im asking a dome ? but somtimes i have trouble seeing whats right in front of me.


You need to go to “track,” then “midi,” then “new instrument channel.” Fruity Loops should be listed. If it is not, then perhaps it needs to be installed again. Do you still have the install disks?



I did buy my fruity loops but it was a wile ago

Don’t forget you get free upgrades of FL. Perhaps your version is so old that Rewire isn’t properly supported. Download the latest version and then follow the steps fish has put in his post.