Drum Software

What Do You Use?

Hi all. I’ve been a N-Track owner for over a year but I’ve never really used it. I’m going to start recording with it but I need to be able to create drum tracks.

I’m totally new at this and was hoping someone could recommend software to help me create drum tracks.



Jamstix! Check it out Here


Go buy yourself a copy of Acid. I bought an older version off Ebay for the price of a burger and chips, and its just great.

Its basically a loop sequencer, so you need to get hold of loops, but that is not a problem. One of the computer music mags (Future Music) just gave away loads on their cover disc.

Acid is so easy to use then you just export your track and import it into N track to use with your project. Works like a dream.

use n-Track itself! With a VSTi drum sampler like the Linplug stuff, one of which is free, plus some samples.

Other programs use different approaches to the same problem, e.g. FL studio or Orion (I use the latter, but the former can be used as a VSTi in n-Track).

acid + www.betamonkeymusic.com = joy

I use Reason but i’m wanting to check out some other stuff like jamstix & BFD. Reason came pretty easy to use for me, and thats not something i can say everyday! :laugh:


no, really.

Here are some free 16 bit royalty free drum samples to use with whatever software you decide on.



Thanks everyone!