Drum Solo

A friend needed a demo CD of him playing drums. I recorded this on my Pacific CX drum kit.

Used two MXL pencil stereo mics for overheads.
Beta 57 for the snare.
Beta 52A for the kick.

I added some reverb to the overheads and snare.

Feeback on recording technique is appreciated. It’s a 10 min solo so the file is about 10 Mbytes.




Nice drum solo. Whoever was playing had to be sweating big time when they finished. I listened to this a while back and then thought about it a bit. I also remember your other posting of the recording of grand piano. On both of them the frequencies above 12KHz seemed a bit attenuated to me, and I know what your MXL mics sound like. They have plenty of high frequency response. What are you using for monitoring your sound while mixing? If you are using speakers that are a bit hot in the high frequencies, then your will mix be without enough highs. Could that be a factor? Also there something odd about the bass drum recording. At first I thought that I couldn’t hear enough of the pop of the beater, but that isn’t it. There just isn’t a crisp attack with a solid thud behind it. My guess now is that it was the way that the bass drum was tuned, (head too loose) and not your recording technique.