Drum Sounds

Are there any free Drum software programs out there that will work with N-Track? I have tried N-track’s drum plugin but am looking for a program that will give more realistic sounds for rock music when I record in N-Track. I would like to simiulate an entire drum kit (rather than just beats for hip-hop type stuff).


- Reid

if you click in the blue KIT text at the bottom of N drums you are greated with the following while online -

Download extra n-Track Drums drum banks

Click to download n-Track Drums extra drum kits

File size: 21 Mb

Installation: unzip the files in the folder Vstplugins
-Track Drums\Library under the folder where n-Track has been installed on your computer. The folder is set during the n-Track setup. On most systems the folder to unzip the drum kits is:

C:\Program Files\FASoft
-Track Studio 4\Vstplugins
-Track Drums\Library -

21 MEG of drum kits is a lot + NTD has a drum editor available on eack pad - just click to the right of the blue square in each pad for editor + preferences (under menu) allows you to remove the reverb that is added to the drums so they sound cleaner -

what more do you want for nothing ?

Dr J

Dr J -

How do you know what kit to choose / style of music? If I was going to record rock/punk drums, is there a kit that would be better for that style?

- Reid

Pretty much every drum vsti out there comes with lots of kits, some of which will fit.

I use linplug often.