drum tracks

any suggestions for drum tracks for use with n-track?




(of course there are alternatives)

I second Jamstix.
I love it.

But you might also find loops work better for you or even just programming the drums using the piano roll in n-Track…

Another option is to download free midi tracks and copy and paste the drum parts into the piano roll (or any midi editor)

Or get a drum machine

Or get a software durm machine like leaf drums

Depends on what type of drums you want and what you find easiest to work with… (eg. Jamstix wouldn’t really be very good at all if you are writing dance music…)


I installed jamstix but I don’t know if I did it right. I went through preferences to vst plugins folder. is that right?

If you installed it in your VST folder then it should show up in your list of VSTi’s when you go to add one.

If not then you need to check your preference to make sure you have your VST folder correctly specified

I got it now . it’s cool. thanks so much for your help.

I have been looking at some of the drum samplers but from the looks of them they seem to just play one loop over and over again am i missing something

Which ones?

There are drum sample players or synths that will play sampled drum hits. Like RMF etc.
These need to be fed a drum track to play (ie. a midi track) and will just play what is programmed on the midi track, but with the drum samples of your choice.
You could also kinda lump soundfonts into this cateogry as well as they will play back the midi drum track using the soundfont.

Then there are programs like fruity loops or acid that will play drum loops and they will play them as many or as few times ad you want before changing to another loop (or you can even overlap loops if you wish)


Well, can you download pre made midi files for the drum sampler?


Google “free midi files” or similar.
there are bucketloads on the net.

The quality of the midi programming on the free ones varies though… some are really good and close to the original songs… some are pretty poor and you could probably do a better job yourself…