Drum vst

i need some

I would like some really nice VST drums: both electronic and analog sounds… any ideas?

Realistic drum sounds: NSKit through a sfz VSTi or equal SoundFont player…

Synthetic/analog drum sounds: CM-505 found on ComputerMusic’s site…

regards, Nils

I’ll check those out…
Anyone come across any others?

For “electronic sounds,” I really like e-phonic’s Drumatic 3. It really gives you a lot of control over each individual sound, and its free. If your into really freaky electronic percussion, try Minerva. It’s a granular synth built for producing some interesting percussive sounds. You should also check out kvraudio.com. There you will find lots of drums synths, both free and commercial.


Pick this up while it’s still cheap. 40 drum kits with many styles. I find it very useful.

Check out the Groove Agent demo. A very nice freebie.