I’ve got drumagog and it seemed to be working okay until the other day when I opened up a project. I was trying to tweek some settings when it froze up N-Track. The probelm seems to be hit and miss and usually occurs when I use more than one effect on a track. The other day I put the N-track compressor on a drum track to use as a gate to trigger drumagog. When doing so, it froze everything for about 30 seconds, then the screen went white, then it finally worked…until I tried to make a change in the settings, then it froze again. The guys at drumagog don’t have a clue, it’s the newest version of drumagog and N-track, my PC is 2.8 ghz with 1K of ram and my PC usage is only about 25 %. I’ve tried buffer settings, uninstalling drumagog and reinstalling it, I just can’t figure out what’s going on. Every other aspect of N-track is working just fine. HELP!!!

So nobody here uses drumagog, I take it?

Hi Drummerbones:
I’m reading your distress… There has to be a resolve to the issue you have… I’ve been mailing the Drumagog Guy, on Questions I have with the set-up I’d like to get into… But I gather that his knowledge with n-Track, as a Multi-Track Editor is pretty far, down his list of Editors…

I have played with the Demo Version of Drumagog, and it seems to do what I’d like to do with it, in my set-up… But there has to be a collaboration of n-Track and Drumagog, for an answer to “Surface”… Mabey… ??? :O

I know phoo… and… (as well, he’s a drummer), has his finger on the pulse of a lot of issues, with n-Track-and-Effects, and he Lurks around a lot of these types of threads… Mabey, when he gets back home, out on the coast, he’ll administer his $0.02… on the issue you have… I hope… I’m almost ready to buy a reg. code for Drumagog… :O :laugh:

This Dollar-and-a-Half, I have, is burn’in a big hole in my pocket… But seriously,… I’d like to be able to substitute the “Drum-Hits” I have on my projects with nice… real… Samples…

I hope your issue gets resolved…


are you guys using the new drumagog version 4? drumagog 3.x always worked well for me in n-track. also, i have not tried the latest BETA version of n-track, so are you using drumagog with that? or the latest official release? if you tell me exactly which versions of n-track and drumagog you are using, i might be able to test your situation out on my own machine.

I am using the newest version of N-Track and the newest release of drumagog as well. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Hi dimmer77 and Drummerbones:
I’ve only had a Demo version of Drumagog and n-Track build 1516 on this DAW… Now that I have and am working on this XP Desk, I have build 1846 running… But still no real version of Drumagog, yet… I’m just following this thread…

I hope you get all this working… I forget the name of the guy over in Chicago, but he always returned mail to me… As I was asking questions regarding his utility/plug… Send him some mail and see what comes back to you…



I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem with Drumagogg 4 abd version 4.1 beta build 1911. The plug-in seemed to work correctly. What version of n-Track, including the build number, are you using?
Please post a detailed sequence of steps to follow to make the problem appear starting from a blank project and after having restored n-Track’s default settings.


Okay, I’ve got the newest release of drumagog (pro version) and the newest release of N-Track.

So last night I record some fresh drum parts, slap on drumagog, and it works perfectly. What is the deal!?

One day it works great, the next it locks up. I don’t understand…when the troubles happen, there’s nothing else running on my PC. No updates or other programs.

To restate what I’ve got, I’m running a 2.8 ghz Pentium cpu with 1K of RAM. Is it possible that 1K of RAM isn’t enough and I’m “hitting a wall” now and then? My system says I’m only using maybe 21 % of my cpu and only half of my RAM.

Would buffer settings play any role here either?

Quote (Drummerbones @ July 26 2005,09:45)
To restate what I've got, I'm running a 2.8 ghz Pentium cpu with 1K of RAM.

1K of RAM isn't even enough to load the pointer for your mouse.

I'm sure you meant 1G of RAM. Just teasing...

I just bought the "pro" version of Drumagog last week, and it has worked just fine for me so far.

It would probaly be a good idea to "freeze" the tracks, or go ahead and render each track once you're happy with the sample you've chosen. Just be sure to keep the original drum track somewhere safe if you need to go back to it.


I was refering to 1K as in 1,000, but that’s cool. I’ll give it a whirl…if nothing else, I can capture the sounds I want on a good day when it’s working!